Welcome to Essenza by Bassocontinuo, the new revolutionary Bassocontinuo branch of entry-level
racks which redefines the standards of affordability and refinement in Audio furniture.

Essenza by Bassocontinuo, the latest creation of the renowned Italian manufacturer, is not just a sub brand which offers entry-level racks: it’s proof of our ongoing commitment to provide HiFi enthusiasts with different but still excellently performing and well-designed solutions.

In a world where luxury always comes at a high cost, Essenza dares to subvert the rules. With us, you will no longer need to choose between price and quality, but you can capture the best of both at once. At Essenza, we make luxury an accessible experience, offering entry-level racks without sacrificing the functionality and sophistication you can expect from a Bassocontinuo branch.

All Essenza by Bassocontinuo products are granted 2 years guarantee covering all manufacturing defects.



HDF shelves

HDF shelves made from high-density fiber: HDF shelves offer a combination of robustness and acoustic stability, ideal for supporting audio equipment of various weights and sizes, ensuring optimal performance and long-term reliability.


Modular rack

Modular rack with four solid-turned steel legs: This design allows for a customizable and sturdy configuration, with solid-turned steel legs that provide a solid and durable base for any audio system.


Adjustable spikes

Solid-turned stainless steel adjustable spikes: The adjustable spikes allow for fine-tuning of the rack's balance and orientation, improving ground isolation and sound quality by eliminating unwanted vibrations for consistently optimal listening.


NBR rubber washers

NBR rubber washers under each shelf for decoupling from the structure: These cushioning washers minimize the transmission of vibrations between the shelves and the rack structure, preserving the sound purity of the supported equipment.



Four stainless steel dampers under the top shelf to reduce resonances: strategically positioned to optimize acoustics, these dampers attenuate the natural resonances of the material, ensuring a clear and superior listening experience.


Floor-saving disks

Solid-turned stainless steel floor-saving discs: Designed to protect the floor from scratches and wear, these sturdy discs effectively support the weight of the rack, ensuring an even load distribution.


High-quality audio structure with HDF shelves and turned steel, equipped with rubber washers for decoupling and a load capacity of 40 kg per shelf. Modular design that is easily expandable and upgradable.

  • Structure

    HDF shelves and solid steel structure. Always upgradable aftermarket.

  • Thickness of the shelf

    25 mm

  • Height between shelves

    Floor - Bottom: 110 mm | Bottom - Mid: 290 mm | Mid - Top: 250 mm

  • Overall dimension

    Overall dimension: 590 x 450 mm

  • Useful dimension

    Top shelf: 590 x 450 mm | Other shelves: 510 x 450 mm

  • Load capacity

    40 kg each shelf

  • Decoupling

    Rubber washers between legs and shelf

  • Notes

    4 HDR (Harmonic Damper Resonator) under top shelf. Easy to install. Always expandeable and upgradeable.


For its great debut, Essenza comes up with two different mono-finish products: Proton (the tower rack) and Quark (the power amplifier stand). Both designed and handcrafted in Italy, these models feature a perfect blend of elegance and sophistication, enhanced by an exquisite matte black finish and matching black legs. Thus, elevating your audio setup and giving a modern and refined touch to your HiFi system.



Power amplifier stand

Download the technical sheet


In addition to our two main products, for those who have more components we offer the option of adding extra shelves, to further expand Essenza system.

Each additional shelf comes with 250 mm legs and is provided with a complete mounting kit, ensuring easy and quick installation, thus allowing optimal customization and organization of your audio system.




Shelf: Matte Black
Structure: Solid steel


For the 2024 High End Show in Munich, we have created and presented this special Peach Fuzz 13-1023 finishing, which is currently not available for sale.

A sight for the eyes, painted in Pantone 2024 color! 




Shelf: Matte peach
Structure: Solid steel


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